About Me

I’m Taylor and I’m currently fullfilling my dream of living in different big cities in my twenties.  I spent my early years up north in Pennsylvania.  That is where I attended college for music and developed a strong interest in Pintrest.  I always dreamed of moving away from home for a few years to live in different parts of the country and..

…decided to make my first big move to Tampa, Florida.  After meeting true friends who inspired me to be the best Taylor I could be, Tattered to Taylored was born.  I was already deep into my relationship with DIY projects and was ready to share with the world.   

After one year in Tampa, it was time to make my next “big” move.  And no place seemed better than the state where EVERYTHING is big!  So I packed up my life once again to move Dallas, Texas.  Cowboy boots, big blonde curls, and sunshine have become things I love.

Follow me along my journey as I take my world from Tattered to Taylored!  


Janna Renee said...

How awesome that you just pick up and move. Definitely a true adventurer!

Alexandra Stacey said...

Where did you go to school for music? I also went to school for music in NE PA!

Classic Collins said...

I can't believe you've moved so much already, I've always lived in the same state but I admire your adventure so much, SO awesome!!

Good luck with everything! I look forward to following along and reading more :)

@ www.classic-collins.blogspot.com

Bailley said...

So I am stalking your blog, and I just love it! This section is my favorite...what an awesome adventure you are on!! Seriously, so neat.

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