Recipe: Honey Sesame Chicken

I love a good chicken stir fry that has some tasty sauce, but there is never enough sauce!  This easy recipe takes about 20 minutes to prepare and has lots of extra sauce to cover your side of brown rice or quinoa!  The chicken comes out juicy and the sauce rivals your favorite Chinese food place.

What you need:
4 chicken breasts
1 cup honey
1/2  cup soy sauce
1/4 cup ketchup
2 cloves of garlic, diced
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 diced onion
1 bunch of broccoli
3 tsp corn starch

Sprinkle your chicken with salt and pepper, then cook it up.  Remove the chicken and chop it up into bite sized pieces.  In a small bowl whisk together the honey, soy sauce, ketchup, garlic and red pepper
flakes.  Add the olive oil to a pan and heat over medium-high heat.  Sautee your broccoli and onion.

Follow by adding your chicken back to the pan, and then cover the chicken and broccoli with the sauce you just whisked.  Heat all your ingredients together and boil down the sauce, add the corn statch to thicken the sauce.

Spoon your chicken and broccoli over rice before you sprinkle everything with sesame seeds.  Yum!


Five on Friday!

Ahhh the weekend is here, the next two days will hopefully finish out some of the big projects that have been going on around here.  Of course I'm linking up with Carolina Charm for Five on Friday, p.s. are you not so excited for her baby to arrive!

{one} Garden:  We have a garden!  I'm so lucky to have an urban garden right next-door to our loft.  After lots of love we are now growing a multitude of plants!  Cucumbers, okra, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, beans, and carrots are all in the mix!

{two} Wall update:  The wall / now a bar and a kinda wall is definitely coming along!  It should be all put together this weekend, then we just have to sand and stain and make a counter put in all the shelves and the desk area.  But we're on our way!

{three} Boozin Lemon Sweet tea:  This drink is sure to be a summer staple this year.  If you missed the post yesterday, go check out how to make this tasty delight.

{four} Puppy sleepover:  One of our couple friends had to head out of town for work for the weekend, so I get to pretend I have a dog!  Ah living out my dreams...

{five} Weather:  Looks like its summer in Dallas, already!  Tank tops and jean shorts here I come...

Have a great weekend y'all!


Boozin Recipe: Lemon Sweet Tea

Have you ever experimented with sweet tea vodka?  Because its amazing.  There are different brands, Firefly being on the higher end, a.k.a. more expensive.  But why pay $18 a bottle when you could pay $8 for just as good of a taste?  Mother's has become my new favorite in sweet tea vodkas.  And, making a tasty drink cocktail is cheap!  You don't need anytime more that what is probably already in your kitchen.

What you need:
sweet tea vodka

Squeeze half a lemon into your cup along with one shot of vodka.  Fill up with ice and water and stir it up with a straw.  Voila!  Thirsty Thursday anyone?


Beach Bag Essentials: Guest blogger Kristina from Medicine and Manicures!

Hey y'all, I'm Kristina from Medicine and Manicures and I want to thank Taylor so much for having me for my first ever guest post (woohoo)!!!
I'm a Charlotte girl who is currently living south of Raleigh, NC and going through this crazy adventure called PA school.  I love all things Essie and OPI and you will rarely find me without some pretty polish on my nails. On my blog, you can find me writing about the latest OOTD, my PA happenings, and just life in general. Stop by and take a look!

As the warm weather is approaching, there is one thing I'm looking forward to... beach season!  Who's with me?  Now that I live just 1.5 hours from Wilmington, I foresee many day trips in my future.  That being said, I like to be prepared and stuff my beach bag with lots of goodies.
Here is my list of 10 must-haves for your sunny day getaway!  Just so y'all know, you can click the items to get more info and shop!

1. Cover-up:  Because it's easy and breezy. This one by Rebecca Roller Rabbit is my favorite because it has long sleeves (for those shoulders) and ultra lightweight material.  Piperlime has them in all sorts of fun colors and patterns (and this one's on sale!).

2. Sunscreen for Face: My roommate Sarah introduced me to this Clinique sun stick and I LOVE it!  It's perfect for the face without the mess of a lotion and has SPF 45.

3. Cooler: Whether you prefer a sturdy cooler with wheels or this cute Lilly Pulitzer tote, you gotta have something to store your drinks, sandwiches, and snacks.  The pattern couldn't be more summery and it's only $32!

4. More Sunscreen:  This one is a duh.  I know we all want a nice tan in the summer, but don't go too crazy in the rays... Your (un-leathery) skin will thank you years later.  Neutrogena is my favorite because it is very light with almost no scent (for those of you that don't like the ones that smell like coconut) and you can use it on your face as well.  

5. Hair Ties: Love these summer-y ones from Emi-Jay.

6. Sand Spikers: My boyfriend Ryan got me a set for my birthday and I cannot wait to use them! The perfect little holding place for your fruity drink or phone (complete with monograms & pretty patterns).  Find them on Etsy.

7. Lip Balm: Because no one wants sunburned, wind-chapped lips.  Everyone loves Eos (there's just something about that weird egg shape) and it contains SPF 15.

8. Sunnies: You can't go to the beach without em!  I want some colored shades and love these pink retro ones from Kate Spade.

9. Mini Speaker: While I love the sound of the ocean, I also like to have a jam sesh or two.  This little Jam Plus speaker connects to bluetooth on your phone and comes at a price that won't break the bank.

10. Floppy Hat: Not only are you protecting your face and shoulders from the sun, but you're looking fabulous as well!  J.Crew always has a bunch of cute ones in stock.

This is me in the Dominican Republic exactly one year ago… oh what I would give to be there right now!!  Hopefully this post will get y'all excited for warmer weather and sunny beach days.  Thanks for reading along and have a fabulous humpday!

 photo http---signaturesmylivesignaturecom-54492-94-143741C611B9E19D4A83293CC2EB5C121_zps2294f374.png
Even thoughhhh I don't leave near the beach I'm about to order a beach spike!  They're just so cool! Make sure to go visit Kristina over at Medicine and Manicures or follow her on instgram or Pintrest!


DIY: Make Up Brush stand

If your remember from this post,  I hate when my make up brushes are touching. HATE IT! I don't know why but I hate it, but I do.  So I decided to tackle the issue with some of the extra wood from our wall/bar/notsurewhatthiswillbe.

What you need:
piece of wood
forstner drill bits

This project is an easy one, but you'll have to use power tools.  Yikes, I know.  So I stole the man's drill and drill bits.  I started by dividing my brushes into face brushes and eye brushes and then even more so, taking those two piles dividing those into two piles, one for the front row one for the back.  I then decided to take an extra piece of wood and created a template with the different sizes, this way I could test my brushes in different holes.  Once I knew the sizes of my holes, I made a key that showed this.  Next all you have to do is drill and paint!  Make sure you drill deep enough, if you don't your brushes won't stand up straight.

If you have a drill and drill bits you can do this!  Its a great way to display your makeup brushes andddd keep those bristles separated :)


Pretty Little Beauty Swap Reveal!

So today I'm switching out from the normal Five on Friday and instead and linking up with Justine of Sleepy Single Girl and Chelsee of Southern Beauty Guide to reveal my most recent Pretty Little Beauty Swap goodies!  This time around I was linked up with with Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide.  Its so fun getting to know a fellow blogger and I highly recommend you join up with this swap next time! And what you've all be waiting for...

Ta-Da!  Chelsee was beyond generous and I love everything she gave me!  She definitely stepped up the game with the Pantone color of the year too!  Orchid :)  And it turns out Chelsee has a similar taste as I, or she's a good stalker and knows what I like ;) We both bought each other the Milani matte blush and very similar colors of lipstick crayons!  Here's the full rundown:

zoya orchid nail polish
urban decay eye primer testers
pixi primer
wet and wild lipstick in V.I.Pink
wet and wild mega slick gloss
milani matte blush
spray hand sanitizer
cilano hair conditioner
chella eyeliner pen in navy (sweet baby jesus this is amazing)
pop pouty crayon in coral crush
maybelline color sensations lip gloss in raspberry rhapsody
fun pouch to keep it all in 


If you sign up next time, hope you get Chelsee!  She was so friendly and fun and was way to generous!  Thanks for my goodies Chelsee! XOXO!  Have a great weekend y'all!


Hunter Boots Inpiration - Last day for the Giveaway!

This is your final day to enter the Hunter Boots Giveaway!  If you're unsure if you'd even want Hunter Boots, just check out below for some awesome inspiration!  Remember, if you win you can pick ANY of the colors!

You know you want some!  So hurry up and enter!  And special thanks to all the ladies who co-hosted, this was so fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Spring Hair Inspiration: Guest post from Life in the Lowcountry

Today Miranda from Life in the Lowcountry is stopping by to talk about hair! 

Hey y'all. My name is Miranda and you can find me over at Life in the Lowcountry!

I'm a wife and mom blogging about my daily life in the beautiful South Carolina lowcountry. I have a huge addiction to shoes and southern drawls. Just like 99.9% of most of you Target is a huge weakness. I can never leave that place without spending less than $100, when I walked in there for trash bags to begin with.

Thanks to Taylor, I have collaborated with her to bring you today's post...

Don't you just love that time of year when the weather starts getting warmer, the azaleas are in full bloom, as well as the dogwoods and daffodils?! I know I sure do. With the spring months, comes a few changes. We change our wardrobe from deep purples and gray hues to bright corals and neons. We put up our boots until next Fall (except the cowboy boots, of course) and pull out our wedges and sandals.

Most of us also ditch our dark locks to light browns and caramels. You beautiful blondes usually add some highlights to brighten up your look as well.

If you're anything like me you are super scared to take the plunge and dye your hair. My hair, as I have said before, is black. That's just how it was when I was born, and how it has been all these years. I actually love that I am a natural born "black" head, but with spring now upon us I am lusting for a change.

See - black hair, and a duck face naturally!

Queue the side swept bangs...

My hair is all one length except for some light layers in the front. I love the look of a good side swept bang, and thanks to Pinterest I now have some ideas for my hair stylist, tell me what you think.

For me personally, I love the depth that bangs give my face shape. Something as simple as trimming your bangs can truly contour your face and give you a fresh new look without taking a plunge like cutting off 7" of hair into a short bob, hating it, and spending way too much money on extensions two weeks later (true story!)

What are some changes you make for spring? Come visit me at Life in the Lowcountry and let me know!

Thanks Miranda!  And be sure to enter the April showers giveaway, we're giving away some Hunter Boots!!!

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