Five on Friday!

I've been so busy this past week as we've had amazing friends visiting Dallas from Brooklyn that I haven't been around, but I'm here to celebrate the beginning of another amazing weekend! Its time for Fiveee on Fridayyyy!

{one} Nail Art Success:  Okay, this isn't exactly nail "art" but this honestly is the first time I've successfully matched something I've found out Pintrest!  I've tried this like this is the past but the scotch tape always ended up pulling off my first layer of polish.  But this time I put the tape on my skin, pulled it off, put it on my skin, pulled it off, put it on my skin, pulled it off... before applying to my nail = success!

{two} Southerndoe I-phone Wallpapers:  My bestie from Tampa is the amazing owner of Southerndoe.  I started by designing a pretty I-phone wallpaper for a fun little surprise just for her, but ended up designing several... go check them out!  They're all free for use so you can have your own Dolly the deer with you at all times!

{three} Bombshell Spell:  If you haven't checked out Tone It Up, you definitely should!  The workouts are short and really work.. you out!  I've also started drinking the Bombshell spell each morning and it makes you feel sooo energized!  I'm signing up for my first 10K so I'm going to need ALLLL the energy I can get!  You can grab the recipe here in yesterday's post!

{four} Vaseline Spray Moisturizer:  I don't know why but there are two things I hate.  #1 is putting gas in my car.  I have no idea but it is the most annoying thing in the world #2 putting on moisturizer.  So this Vaseline Spray Moisturizer really is a godsend for me.  It works really great and is so fast and easy.  I have two bottles already (one for free because of Target coupons!)  And target has given me another coupon so I guess I'm obligated to get a third!

{five} I know I shared a paint pen mug a few weeks ago, but I created another this week and I couldn't resist sharing!   Cheetah print!

I hope you all have an amazing and joyful weekend.  Love you all!


How do you keep motivated? And a morning, energizing drink!

If you've been following Tattered to Taylored, you'll know that this year, my resolution is to become the best Taylor I can be.  I want to be the woman I see in my mind and not the one I see in the mirror.  It's almost March and I've fallen off the wagon.  (surprise, surprise there).  I've only been off for a few days, so I'm getting back on!  Today is the day I will upgrade myself!

So I have to ask, what are the ways you stay motivated?  When you're cooking heavenly smelling meals for your spouse, how do you not partake and go eat a piece of chicken instead?  How you do stay on track when going out to get drinks and everyone wants another beer?  Pleaseeee share you answers in the comments on what keeps you motivated!  I don't want this year to just be another year.  This is the year I'm going to become the me I want to be! Anyone interested in being a partner is my mission?

Today I'd like to share with you a tasty drink the Tone It Up girls drink in the morning.  It will help clean out your system and really does give you a lot of energy!  WARNING: Do not drink this if you can't handle the vinegar, the other items do make it tasty to drink, but you CAN taste it.

What you need:
1/2 cup pineapple juice
1 tbsp honey (melted)
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
splash of lime
Handful of ice

Mix up all your ingredients, except the ice, in a tumblr.  Shake well!  Add your ice and shake again!  Drink this every morning and you'll feel the difference!

Hoping to see you all tomorrow for Five on Friday!


DIY: Makeup brush storage

I've had my makeup brushes in an apothecary jar for quite some time now.  But unfortunately the bristles would get all intertwined and would bend when using this.  I'm now using that jar in my coffee bar so I had to turn to pintrest for a new idea... all you need is a glass container and beads or stones!

I'm loving how no bristles are touchingand I can easily access my tiny brushes...  Here are some more ideas you can use!

Have a great Wednesday y'all!


Five Spring Cleaning Tips!

Its going to be 79 degrees in Dallas today!  79!!!  I am beyond excited because I can open up my windows and listen to the sounds of the Waterfall by the pool... When we moved in we were beyond excited about this waterfall. I mean who doesn't want the sounds of a freaking waterfall to lull them to sleep.  Yeah, after one month you don't want a waterfall.  You'll hate it.  But moving on.  This evening I'll be spring cleaning!  So here are a few tips I'll be using tonight :)

How to get the grossness off of your glass stovetop...  Baking soda!  Yep, baking staple.  Just sprinkle this on and create a paste with some water...

Vinegar is your friend... luckily someone is going golfing after work, because they hate vinegar.  Like they want to die when they get the teeniest wiff.  But you can use vinegar to get that horrible smell out of your garbage can.  To get the hard water water off of your spigot.  To clean your bathtub.  To clean out your microwave...

Organize... Organizing the little areas around your home make a difference.  Take a second a tidy up your bookshelf, or the top of your dresser.

Microwave mess... Add a cup of water and a tablespoon of vinegar in a bowl.  Microwave for five minutes and then wipe your microwave clean with ease.

How to make your house smell like spring... Simmer lemon slices, rosemary, and vanilla.  Just take a small pot fill it up 2/3 of the way with water and add above.  You'll be happy you did! ps -  don't judge my lemons, I had to zest them okay!!!

Happy Tuesday!


A Valentine's Day Friday!

This week has gone by so quickly!  Too fast if you ask me, but its time to celebrate that holiday... Valentine's Day!

How amazing are the girls for sharing this story about Teddy, who has Menkes Syndrome.  Please hop over here for the story behind Teddy and please share your 
support!  #Teddy

Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful followers!  I hope its a very special one! 

I am included in the Brilliant Earth pintrest page for their "LOVE" post this week.  Go check it out or find out how to make your own Love Mason Jars over Here

Success at chalkboard art.  Finally something turned out looking amazing on my chalkboard.  I fell in love with this quote "We loved with a love that was more than love."  I know that rings true with some of you :)

I am crazy in love with this Paint Pen Mug I created yesterday!  I simply can not stop drinking from it!  Make your own :)

I hope you all have a swell Valentine's Weekend!  Love you all!


DIY: Paint Pen Mug

Want to know what one of my favorite things to do at a Starbucks is?  To look at the mugs.  I have no idea why but I LOVE to look at their mugs, but those mugs are like $10 when I can get a perfectly fine mug at the dollars store... So I decided to take on the Sharpie Mug Pintrest project, but decided to forgo the Sharpies and just stick with a paint pen (I've read mixed reviews about the Sharpies...)

All you have to do is create your design and then bake.  When you put your mug in the oven don't preheat, just pop that baby in there and warm up the oven to 350, let it cool and you'll be set! Pst, hand wash this!

Happy Valentine's Eve :)


DIY: Love Mason Jars

Hi y'all!  I decided to share my "love" this valentine's day with some simple mason jars, paint and gorgeous pink and white flowers!  L O V and E are painted onto easy mason jar in a pretty gold.  You can use these to adorn your mantel, windowsill or as a centerpiece to your romantic dinner.   And if you're not spending Valentine's day with a significant other you can easily turn this into a fun project to help you look towards spring.  I did this as well by painting the "Kerr" on each of my jars.

Hoping you all have a amazing Valentine's Day, no matter who you spend it with!

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