Friday already!

This week has been too short (how many times does anyone say that!)  But here are my top five for the week!

{one} Golf:  Have you gone golfing?  Okay I didn't actually "golf" perse but the driving the cart was a pretty great time!  I took the day off yesterday and spent is driving around a gold course in Dallas.  Good times to say the least...

{two}  Cappuccinos:  You all know I'm a coffee addict.  And I am crazy about a good Cappuccino.  And the best part is the awesome designs they're able to make.  This one is the basic leaf I got yesterday morning, but it still blows my mind.

{three}  Giveaway:  Today is the last day to enter the jewelry giveaway being hosted by Maddie Cat and Me, just like her page on Facebook and you get two entries!
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{four}  The Best Chocolate Cake:  I made this cake last weekend for a friend's birthday.  The recipe was titled The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake.  And it literally was the most amazing chocolate cake.  Like I can not describe how AMAZING  it was!  Honestly pin this incase you need a chocolate cake.

{five} New Home:  Since we only moved to Dallas 6 months ago we are still getting acquainted with the area, so we haven't bought a house yet.  So we are stuck in the endless circle on apartments.  Our lease is almost up so we are now on the hunt.  We are thinking about a Loft and are going to check one out tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend y'all!


Last Chance Giveaway!

Have you entered the Maddie Cat and Me Jewelry giveaway???  Time is running out!  Winner gets a custom handcrafted necklace designed by Maddie Cat and Me Jewelry.  Entering is easy!  Just click the link below and you'll be taken to the Giveaway Post!


Yay or Nay? St. Tropez Tanning Mousse review

Happy Wednesday friends!  I shared last Friday that I had received a bottle of the St. Tropez tanning mousse for Christmas from Mom.  From what she shared she was in love with this tanning lotion.  She puts it on almost every third day in summer and has a very strict regimen when applying (we'll get to that later).  My skin during winter lacks luster to say the least and  I become pretty pasty around November.  So needless to say with all this hype I was super excited to try it.  I'm not one for selfies so please except my horrible pics, I did take these in the same light though... If you want to skip the how to just hop down to the bottom of the post to get my thoughts...

I began with these products:
I usually do this before bed... Take a shower and exfoliate HARDCORE using your sugar scrub and the facial scrub puffs.  Don't skimp on this step, if you have a dry skin the product with go on uneven.

After you shower pat off and get ready to apply your tanning lotion.  I like to start from my legs and move up.  I put three pumps onto the mitt to start with my legs (three pumps each leg).  Squish your hand together to spread out the mousse on the mitt a bit and then start rubbing it into your legs.  You have to be super quick as the product dries very quickly.  Keep rubbing to make sure you don't get any streaks.  I then use one pump at a time to get the rest of my body.

I don't put the St. Tropez on my face, instead I use this Jergens face moisturizer for medium to dark skin tones, the color is less orange than the one for light skin tones.  

Now just let your tan dry before you get dressed.  Don't worry the tan won't rub off on your clothes.  The tan develops over the next few hours and when you shower again the bronzing in the tan will wash off.

What I thought:  I love this product.  The tan is not overly dark and not orange, especially considering I started out very pasty.  The mitt really made for an even application and using this product two times now I haven't acquired any streaks.  I think that if I use this during summer when I have a slight tan the look of the tan will really be great, but this did give me enough color to make me happy through the winter.  I would recommend this product, big time!  

After searching around for the best price, amazon is definitely the best place to go.  For the 8 oz bottle I have from ULTA and Sephora costs $42.00 but you can get it for $30.09 right now on amazon, if you have prime you can get the free two day shipping as well!  Considering a spray tan costs 30 dollars this is definitely definitely worth the price...

If y'all have any questions at all about my experience leave me a comment and I'll help :) 


Four makeup artists who can help :)

Most of you know my resolution for the year is to become the best Taylor I can be, inside and out.  So I've been stepping up my makeup game, contouring, better quality products, and arched brows.  But two months ago I was basically just throwing on some BB cream to cover up my acne scars and putting on some eyeshadows.  I had no technique to doing these things, I was just doing them as I had been since I was 14.  So I thought I would share the four makeup artists who have changed my face.  I've spent a lot of time watching their tutorials on youtube and it honestly makes a big difference...

Ps- Have you entered the Jewelry Giveaway?

Jaclyn Hill:  This girl is the creme de la creme.  She was a former MAC artist and now shoots tutorials.  She goes step by step telling what you need to do for your makeup.  She also has videos dedicated purely to the art of foundation and one for contouring.  She has made the biggest impact on my makeup-ing and if you only watch one person from this list, Jaclyn should be it.  Here is a good video to start with:  Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Lauren Curtis:  Besides being absolutely gorgeous, Lauren gives great tips.  I loved her tips about lashes, skin and hair, but she also does great tutorials.  And she has ALOT of videos.  She too has a Valentine's Day Tutorial to share!

Bethany Zion:  Bethany was the first artist I started watching on youtube.  She does amazing makeup tutorials for costumes (Halloween anyone?)  but what I'm really in love with are her Victoria Secret looks.  She literally has all the make up looks from 2007 to now.  And who doesn't want to look like a Victoria Secret model for date night?  Here is how to look like Candice Swanepoel using only drugstore makeup!

Wayne Goss:  Wayne posts a lot of videos, which I love.  Some are short two minute videos giving you a fabulous tip (like that $1 eyeliner I have from Wet and Wild?  Oh just put it into a flame for a hot second before applying and it apples like Lancome!)  And some videos show you how to exactly get that Kim Kardashian highlighting.  He is one of my daily must watches!

If you do your makeup along with any of these artists and believe me, you'll notice a huge difference.

Who do you watch for makeup help?  I want to know, so share in the comments :)


Five on Friday + A Giveaway!

I am so happy it is Friday!  Like you have no possible idea how pumped I am!  I am looking forward to a weekend of friends and food and cake!  Of course I am linking up with North Carolina Charm and Lauren Elizabeth

{one} GIVEAWAY: Maddiecat and Me has given me the honor of hosting her first giveaway!  Maddiecat sells at craft shows and flea markets during the warmer months but considering the Arctic freeze we've been going through she has added some additional pieces to her Etsy shop!  Enter to win this beautiful necklace from Maddiecat's Bird Collection!  This piece will be perfect to get you through the winter and to help you hope for Spring!  Thanks Maddiecat!  And make sure you enter below...
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

{two} Turtle necklace / watch: I'm not trying to put you on Maddiecat overload, but I just got my turtle watch / necklace and it is fabulous!  How cute is this?  I won't lie, I love animal stuff so this was a must...

{three} Sunglasses stick:  Everyone responded so well to this little DIY I created quickly on Wednesday night,  if you haven't seen it check out the super easy DIY >>> Here!

{four}  St Tropez tanner:  I got this for Christmas and am going to finally test it out  I'm hoping the results will be pretty great! Check back in next week and I'll share how this all went down and the before and after...

{five} 99 cent creamers:  I've updated my coffee bar since I'm an addict again :)  And when I was at the grocery store I scored these two tasty creamers (the big bottles too)  for 99 CENTS each!  Say whaaaa??  These normally run at like 4 dollars!  But I guess nobody wanted the holiday flavors anymore!  These creamers are good until May so this was a FANTASTIC deal!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and enter the Maddie Cat Giveaway above!


DIY - Sunglasses Stick

I have been trying to get  getting more organized.  The top of my dresser was pretty much a disaster before I fixed it up and I have too many glasses.  So I decided to use this tattered piece of wood we've had for a while and "taylor" it into something to hold my sunglasses and glasses :)

What you need:
  • a piece of wood
  • nails
  • picture hangers
  • paint
{one}  measure out the center of you wood and mark where you will put each nail

{two}  hammer in your nails and picture hangers

{three} I painted a cream layer on first since I didn't have much black paint left

{four} drill a hole in the back and hang!

Voila, this is so easy and you could do an awesome color to match whatever room you put this in!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for my Five on Friday post where I'll be doing a Giveaway featuring this pretty piece of jewelry from MaddieCat and Me Jewelry that will be purr-fect for spring!

Have a great Thursday Friends!


Wash your Hands Printable

Over the holidays I had a Christmas Tree Printable framed in my bathroom, gotta spread the holiday cheer everywhere right?  Now that I've finally taken down all the Christmas stuff I have a space for a new printable! Its extra important to Wash your Hands right now with the flu going around and I've always wanted a nice "Wash your hands" print, so I decided to make some!  If you need another color to match your bathroom leave me a comment and I'd be happy to help :)


My Southerndoe Package has Arrived!!!!

If you haven't heard me rave about my beautiful bestie Kristen, get prepared.  Kristen has been working hard the last six months making her dreams a reality.  Southerndoe is the result of all this dedication and heart.  So obviously I was super excited to be the first Texan Southerndoe!  I ordered the Boots Tee in coral, a navy koozie, and the Dolly the Doe Decal.  Needless to say I wasn't disappointed when my package arrived!

Can we talk about how SOFT this shirt is.  Its like I've already washed it seven times!  = Best thing ever!  And I am crazy about the inside of the shirt that proudly shows this was all made in the USA!  It feels good to support a company that supports keeping work right here in the states! And I'm so pumped to put my booze into my new koozie!  Thanks Southerndoe!

PS- I'll be hosting another giveaway this Friday!  So be sure and stop by!

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