Happy Holidays!

The holidays are a busy time, so I'll be putting away my laptop tip the new year to celebrate with friends and family.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday and will come back to Tattered to Taylored in the New Year for new recipes and DIY projects!

Ps- this is not my dog, just borrowed it from a friend!


Recipe: Starbuck's Gingerbread Syrup

I would love to have a pretty red Starbucks cup in my hand every morning, but thats $6 a day... sooo I've been using my PSL mix from Tazo to satisfy my coffee need.  But its almost Christmas and a gingerbread latte sounds beyond fabulous, am I right?  Well you can make your own Gingerbread syrup to add to your coffee and milk for a Holiday Treat!

What you need:
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Bring all your above ingredients to a boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.  Put in a container and you're set, add to your coffee or espresso in place of your sugar or splenda.  And WHATEVER YOU DO!  DON'T LET THIS BOIL OVER.  Disaster ensued the top of my stove for sure... The syrup will be more watery than syrupy.  Remember this is what they have at Starbucks that they have the pumps for... 

Happy Holidays friends!


Tattered to Taylored Weekend

Hi Friends!

Today I'll be sharing my weekend!  One of my first personal posts :)  My weekend was mostly spent doing Christmasing.  National Lampoons Christmas may or may not have been watched multiple times... And I got to listen to some of Beyonce's new album! I was too cheap to buy the whole thing on iTunes and will be waiting until its available on Spotify.  But from what I heard it sounds phenomenal!

Saturday, I woke up to an email saying my iphone was now UNLOCKED!  If you're remember from Friday I've been using a burner phone... But no longer!  I now have a nice iPhone with maps and instagram and twitter. Phew!

Sunday, I had a friend come over and we Christmas crafted :)  Reindeer beer bottles anyone?  How about a nice snowman wine bottle?  How about some Christmas cookies?

Time to get back to work...


Five on Friday 12/13

I have no phone.  My Galaxy died on Monday so I've been working off a burner phone until our old iPhone gets unlocked from AT&T for me to use it on TMobile.  You have no idea how much you actually use your phone til you're without one, it sucks.  But at least it is Friday!  Yay! Only two weekends until Christmas!  :)  So here are my top five for the week!  As I said, I have no phone, so I've had to borrow pics for this week...

{ONE} Franklins:  This was the highlight of my week.  Last Friday I waited for three hours in the Austin cold for the BEST Texas Briscuit in the whole state.  I can not explain the joy my tastebuds experienced.  We got Texas Briscuit, Pulled Pork, Sausage Links, Ribs, and Banana Cream Pie.  Ah Heaven.  Visiting Austin?  Worth the wait...

{TWO} DIY Nail Polish: I had extra glitter from my Moose Christmas Cards and I've been on the search for a very very glittery gold polish, so why not DIY??  Take your glitter and add it into some clear polish and bam!  Your own nail polish :)

{THREE} Closet shopping:  Do you ever walk into your closet and say, F this! there is nothing wear in here.  Yep, raise your hands ladies.  This weekend I'm going to clean up my closet and take a few hours to look through what I have and put together some cute outfits featuring what I already have.

{FOUR} Hart of Dixie:  Bad new ladies, my addiction has pulled me back in.  And hard.  Six minutes into the pilot and i'm addicted.  Damnit.  Any of y'all fans?

{FIVE} Central Market:  If you live in Dallas you HAVE to go here.  Uhhh best grocery store. EVER.  Free Samples all around!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


DIY - Moose Christmas Cards

I am not married.  I do not have kids.  I do not have a dog.  I'd love to do a photo Christmas card, but me by myself seems like the worst idea ever.  But however I am in my mid twenties and I am crazy for Christmas, I'm currently watching Rudolph as I type, so I send out Christmas cards.

I wanted to find something simple for my cards this year, but couldn't find anything I liked.  And things I was on etsy or zazzle I could easily create myself.  So I decided to go with gold and white and a moose.
What you need:
Cardstock and envelopes (or you can buy a set of already cut cards, I opted with the later as I had a coupon)
tacky glue
ultra fine glitter
hairspray (i'm serious)
moose silhouette  

{one} finding a silhouette was the hardest part of this project.  All you have to do is use google, but finding the right one for your card... tricky.  So I found my image and printed it out for my stencil

{two} trace, very very lightly, the silhouette on your cards

{three} paint on tacky glue into the traced silhouette and glitter away

{four} let this dry throughly, then brush off any excess glitter so only your silhouette is glittered

{five} hairspray, 12 inches away, over your glittered silhouette

{six} sign your cards and mail away :)

I also added some gold paint onto my envelopes, just around the edges to add a little something something.  Happy holidays lovelies! 

PS - When I started this blog I only believed in posting QUALITY diy, recipes, and style posts.  I try to not fill my blog with things about my everyday life since you guys probably don't care (ha being blunt)... this has resulted in less posts on Tattered to Taylored.  Do you guys care about things I do on my weekends or should I stick to purely to posts worth sharing?  Does that make sense? 


Five on Friday 12/6

December, december, december.  Jeez, the year is coming to a close already! I'm linking up with Carolina Charm for the wonderful 5 on Friday link-up!

{one} Hot Cocoa Bar: I knowww you all have Hot Cocoa Bars in your kitchen too, but I'm still beyond excited about mine!  D's sisters are here visiting us so I finally had a reason to create one!
{two}  Print me:  I am crazy about the printables I recently created.  They're sure to add some wonderful charm to your holiday decor!  You can download your own here.

{three} Christmas Movies:  Mom is fabulous and sent me an early Christmas gift.  Love her for that one!  How many times is too many times of watching The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold? Seventeen too much??

{four} Austin:  We spent last night in Austin and it was fabulous!  They have such a fun night life.  Now its time to get some briscuit and then head back to Dallas!

{five} SNOW: Of course the night I'm out of Dallas this happens!  We got an inch of snow here and apparently Dallas folk aren't used to snow.  The whole city is shut down for a snow day!  Guess I'll really get to use my hot cocoa bar!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!


For the Non Romantic Man: Part Duex

Finding new interesting ideas for my boyfriend for gifts is tough.  Our four year anniversary was a while back and I posted ideas of things you can do for your Non-Romantic Man.  Unfortunately, an I Love You keychain isn't appreciated so I have to get creative...

I decided to make a simple treasure hunt for gifts hidden around the apartment.  I used PicMonkey to get a silhouette  of this label, then traced and cut out six of them.  I wrote a clue for each present on each label.  Wrapped up the labels and put them in a box... let the hunt begin!

I took this idea from Southern Doe.  You fill up a balloon for each year and write something you love about your man on each.  (Btw, Southern Doe is launching on 1/1/14!  Its an apparel line and blog devoted to women who love the outdoors and southern lifestyle )  Even if D doesn't want to read all 25 balloons who doesn't like to walk into a mass amount of balloons!!

Burlap Banner?  This one was easy and personalized.

We are big craft beer fans.  So after picking out some six packs of the favorites round here, I made personalized labels for the bottles... I used a mix of Beer Labelizer, Picmonkey and word to make these special labels...

Is your man romantic?   Or does he just laugh at your feeble attempts?


DIY - Felt Advent Calendar

My Mom has a fabulous advent calendar.  I remember my sister and I fighting over who would get to move the mouse each day.  So of course now that I'm on my own I wanted one too.  But I haven't been able to find one I really like and a lot of the tutorials I've seen involve sewing... but not here.  Tacky glue and felt friends.  Tacky glue andddd felt.

What you need:
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Twine or ribbon

{one} Measure out the felt you'll be attaching your pockets to.  Mine is 12" wide by 18" high.  But don't cut it out until you make sure all of your squares will fit!

{two} This is the tricky part... measuring out where your squares are going to go and how big they need to be...  We will be using 24 squares so six rows with four squares each.  Now go get your calculator... just kidding.  My squares ending up being 3" wide by 2 1/2" high.

{three} I decided to use red and green for my pockets. So I'm cutting out 12 red and 12 green.

{four} Then decide upon your pattern of colors.

{five} I then added my numbers in gold paint.

{six} Now you're finally ready to glue your pockets onto your background!

{seven}  Fold over the top of your background and glue so you can slide in a dowel, or two shikabob sticks if you're like me and don't have a random dowel hanging around.  Add some ribbon or twine on the ends and hang!

Now you're ready to count down to Christmas :)


Christmas Printables

Hi Friends!  Time to update your framed printable for the holiday season!  I've spent some time designing some fun prints just for my fabulous followers!  Download and enjoy!

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