Five on Friday 11/22

The weekend has arrived!! It's D's big birthday weekend here is Dallas and I am so excited! And next week is Thanksgiving!  I bought my Turkey yesterday, thats the main thing right? Now I just uh stick it in the oven... Yeah I should look into that.

{one} Thanks Bottles:  I'm pretty content with how all my Thanksgiving Decor turned out but the Thanks bottles I made a few weeks ago are my crowning jewel.  Find out how to make your own:  Thanks Bottles

{two}  Roc Wrinkle Cream: Some of you might know about how I didn't wear my glasses or contacts for years.  Literally years... so I'd squint to see.  My forehead didn't agree with all the squinting I guess because I now have a pretty deep forehead wrinkles.  So I've been using ROC Wrinkle Cream religiously every night for about three weeks.  And I do notice a difference...

{three} Birthday Surprises:  As I mentioned we have a birthday in the house.  And finding fun things I can do for occasions like like this is... well hard.  We aren't a super mushy couple and a mason jar filled with date ideas wouldn't be used.  So I have to get creative.  So I made personalized beer labels of our favorite beers.  Pretty cool huh?  I'll be sharing the rest of my non romantic ideas next week :)

{four} Lyft:  If any of you live in a big city you should look into this.  Lyft is a donation based car service.  You use your phone to let the company know your location.  Someone comes and picks you up in their personal car (yep the one they drive around themselves everyday).  AND it has a pink mustache on it.  Then they take you to your destination and you pay them through your phone.  You can increase or decrease the amount.  You decide how much to give.  We have been using like four times a weekend.  The people are wayyyy friendlier than cab drivers...

{five}  Thank you:  I've been blogging for five months and am almost to 10,000 views!  Thank you so much to everyone who reads Tattered to Taylored and has shared their feedback.  My Goal is to bring fun DIY projects and recipes to y'all and love that some of you stop by daily to say hi.

Have a great weekend!


DIY - Striped Table Runner

So I'm still creating thanksgiving decorations and decided that a long table runner might be nice to run down our bar/island.  So I went to Target and saw that they cost $20, aren't that fabulous and aren't long enough for our bar..  So using rule one of this blog.  I'm taking something Tattered and turning in into something Taylored.   Y'all are going to think I'm crazy with this one but I used an old curtain for my fabric, don't judge.

What you need:
  • Fabric, seriously use what you have... sheet, curtain... 
  • Acrylic paint
  • twine
{one} cut your fabric down to the size of your table or bar.  I'm not even going to hem the edges because honestly I move through my diy projects so fast I'll probably only use this three or four times. 

{two}  Use tape to tape some stripes and paint in between the tape.  Wait overnight to pull the tape off. 

{three} Use some twine to make your ends into cute triangles.

Voila!  Striped table runner.  I'll be using this on our bar and using some leaves I painted and pinecones to accentuate our tasty drinks...  Happy Thursday!


A few of my favorite things...

Do y'all read Cheers Y'all?  If not, check her out!  Anyway I'm linking up with her and Down with the Dearmore's, for their Favorite Things link up.  I'm sharing my favorite gift ideas for the holidays are! 

One: Express // Leopard = Fabulous
Two: Etsy // I have been in love with this bag for too long...
Three: Target // Loving this knit throw, so comfy!    
Four: Target // I had a set of these years ago, and they were fabulous.
Five: Urban Decay // I am one of the few girls without this eye shadow.  


What to wear: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving... next week already.  Did you buy your turkey yet?  Figure out your seating arrangement?  Make all of your DIY Decor?  Yeah, me neither...  I have more important things on my mind, like what I'm going to wear!  Here are some possibilities I'm muling over... As always they're affordable :)

Have a great Monday Y'all!


Five on Friday 11/15

Middle of the month already!  Andddd its a Friday, whoooo hoooooo!   The weekend callllss!

{one}  E.L.F:   A dollar a makeup brush?  Deal!  I've been trying up my skills at putting on make up this week and having only one eyeshadow brush wasn't working out...

{two} Jacyln Hill:  This girl has all the tips on applying makeup.  Loving her tutorials as they're actually easy to follow and use colors that you probably already have... Check out her channel: Jaclyn Hill

{three} Perfect Curls:  Guess I'm sticking with the Beauty favorites this week... I was messing around my hair and I tend to get either harsh curls or frizzy curls.  One day of unwashed hair and this easy tutorial and you'll look like an Old Hollywood Starlet! Curlyyyy!

{four} Victoria Secret:  Well the annual fashion show happened a few nights ago.  We won't be able to see the whole thing it comes on tv on the 10th of December, butttt a sneak preview is always fun!  (Andddd makes me feel terrible about myself ha}

{five}  Dames Dinner:  Okay one not beauty thing.  On Wednesday I went to the Dames Dinner with my new Dallas girlfriends.  You make a reservation at The Standard Pour, and you go and you eat dinner. FOR FREE!  Yes they make a special dinner for all of their unescorted ladies and you go and you eat then you leave!  And the food was BEYOND delicious!  Like five star amazing.  Andddd they had Pumpkin Soup... The only thing I had to pay for was my drink.  And let me ask does "Peach Smash"  sound like the strongest whiskey drink you've ever had??  Yeah didn't think so...

Have a good one lovelies!!


The Minute Mug Brownie.

Do you guys do these microwaved personal sized treats?  I am ALLLL about the mug brownie.  And this one has NO EGGS and NO BUTTER!   Whoo hooo for easy!

What you need:
  • a mug
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
  • 2 tbsp of coconut oil (or use what you have)
  • 2 tbsp water
{one} Mix it all together, a wisk works best

{two} Attempt to not eat the batter

{three}  Microwave for one minute.

Wham Bam.  Dessert for one :)

Thursday already... Weekend here I come! 


DIY - Thanks Bottles

Its no secret I am in love with acrylic paint.  I use it on, well almost everything.  Painting objects is the easiest way to bring them back to life.  And painting discarded bottles is one of my favorite ideas, I even use painted bracelets as a bracelet holder.  So I decided to take the six pack we drank over the weekend and turn it into Thanksgiving decor!

  • Six beer bottles
  • Paint
  • Corn husks

{one} Remove the labels from your bottles. You can do this easily by submerging the bottles into a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Let the bottles sit in there for about a half hour and the labels will peel right off! Just use a sponge and some soap to scrub off any remaining glue.

{two} Paint up your bottles. It tends to take me a few coats to get them completely opaque. Add one the wording to your newly painted bottles...

{three} Stuff in your corn husks!!

Voila! An almost FREE Thanksgiving décor piece that will be perfect for the approaching Turkey Day!


Wedding Wishes - Engagement Pictures

Hi folks!  This is my first post in the Wedding Wishes series.  I'm not engaged and I'm not getting married for a long time, but when the time comes I want to plan my own wedding.  And since I know nothing about planning one... I figured I should learn the skills now!  I've been doing a lot of reading, but have had a hard time finding a site that nails down ALL of the details, from something as big as color scheme down to cocktail napkins... I would love to hear from you ladies who have gone through the wedding planning experience in the comments!  Help us unwed girls out :)

I can't imagine the happiness a girl must feel when that special man in your life pops the question.  But after the tingles subside, what do you do?  Well, you call those important to you, get a manicure, pic a date and grab 10 wedding magazines... and

You might want some beautiful photos to commemorate this special time in your lives.  (or not if you or your SO are camera shy...)

WHO:  You have the choice of choosing a professional to snap the shots or you can ask someone you know who is handy with a camera.  If you have time, start to look for a wedding photographer, many include a free engagement shoot.  There are photographers who will tell you what to do and photographers who will be willing to do whatever you want them to.  Make sure the photog you pay for matches your personality.

WHEN:  If you have the option of choosing the time of your pictures... choose a time that will have great natural light.  Right before sunset is a great choice, as you probably won't want to wake up at three AM to catch the sunrise...

HOW LONG:   This is important if you're dealing with a professional and are paying by the hour.  If you only get one hour or less, you're going to have to stick to one location and maybe have enough time for one outfit change.  If you feel awkward taking pictures, you might not have enough time to feel comfortable for those great natural shots... Two or more hours is probably a safer bet if you can afford it, if not being prepared is always helpful

WHERE:  Where, oh where to take the photos?  Beach, the woods, a farm?  Choose a setting that means something to you a couple of course!

WEAR:  This one seemed important to me.  What do I wear? Should we match? Wear something you'll feel confident in.  Squishing yourself into that dress that doesn't let you breathe will show through in your pictures.  You both don't need wear all white either.  Bold colors work, especially if they're complimentary to what you future hubby has on and complimentary to your location.

IDEAS:  So you're at your photo-shoot in your dream location, and you don't know what to do.  You stand there, feeling awkward.  Before this happens go to Pintrest and look at engagement pictures.  Look at poses and things people are doing in their pictures.  And then look some more!  You don't HAVE to do the chalkboard pictures.  Remember, if you're going to get great shots that you want to last a lifetime, don't go with trendy pictures.  Do you - two.

Remember that is is supposed to be fun, its a special time in your lives that (fingers crossed) will only happen once.  And remind you SO of that too...

What did you learn from your engagement pictures?  Share in the comments please!  And check out my pintrest page featuring my favorite engagement pics :)


Five on Friday!

Ahh the weekend has arrived!  Here are my top five for the week as I join up with Carolina Charm...

{one}  PSL in a box:  Did you guys know you can make your own PSLs or Chai lattes with this stuff?? You put in half of this mix and then half milk. I've been using light soy milk so my drink is like 100 calories and it tastes as good as Starbucks.  Hurry to target to get the last boxes of this seasonal mix!  But don't go to the Target in Downtown Dallas, because I bought the last two boxes they had...

{two} 88 cents:  Uh yeah each roll of this wrapping paper was on clearance for 88 cents at Target.  88 cents people!!! You can not get pretty wrapping paper for that price!

{three} Snowman Door:  I've been waiting a year to make my door this and I'm so excited the time is almost here! ... I doubt Dillon will love it.

{four} Giveaways!  I've won two giveaways in two weeks!!!! Do you know how exciting this is!!!?  I won a $30 gift card from When the Cows come Dancing Home and some beautiful earrings from Something Turquoise!  I think I need to pay it forward and host a giveaway of my own.  What do you guys want to win??

{five} Wedding Wishes:  No I'm not getting married, probably not for a very long time.  But if I do one day... I want to plan it and do everything myself.  Practice makes perfect right?  Next week I'm  starting my Wedding Wishes series!  I'll be learning how to plan wedding, long before I get married. Don't worry this won't be me planning my dream wedding, its about how you plan a wedding  yourself! So be sure to stop by next week for my first post - Engagement Pictures...

Happy Weekend Y'all!

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