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Announcement! We're Moving!

Last year around this time we were moving into our fabulous Dallas Urban Loft... remember this post!  Well after a year of living in a loft that has two walls that are solid windows... It looks cool, but isn't meant to be lived in.  Don't get me wrong, I loved our place, it was cool, and a little too "COOL" during the last two months, its impossible to keep heat in this place.  Even right now as I look at the blinds on my windows they're swinging from the draft.  The other thing about this place is that it never had a "cozy" vibe.  Perhaps its the cement floors and completely white walls that just don't make it feel like "home" with that that said we've decided to move.  Where to you ask?  Are we moving to another state!? Again!? We're moving...

down the street of course!  We absolutely love our neighborhood.  Deep Ellum is filled with shops, restaurants, street art, the best doughnut place in Dallas, AND all around friendly people.  So down the street we go!  We are sticking with our love of modern spaces and are moving into a big studio apartment.  I'm sure many of you are thinking... well where do you go when you want to get away from your spouse!  We have plans to build a wall from the wood we used in our bar, and truth be told, I have a weird habit of liking to sit on the rug in the bathroom with my laptop and watch a movie if I feel like I need a break... don't judge.  With that said here are some pictures of our new home!  (The first picture is the view from our roof deck!)

We still have one giant window which spreads light through our whole place and I'm in love with the columns on either side.

That bathtub... ginormous.   It feels like a spa bathtub, I am so excited to take my relaxing baths while watching Jimmy Fallon!  Yes, I do that, and you should too. 

Behind me you can see the bathroom entrance to the left, its a big sliding door.  I'm thinking or painting it with some chalkboard paint so add some color to the plentiful white walls. 

So. Many. Cabinets!  And so many ideas, I'd love to take that bar left cabinet door off and put our wine fridge in there, and of course you know I'm going to be adding lots of copper to our kitchen.  Something that really made us love this place though is the wood flooring.  Its the original wood flooring!  I can't wait to rub some coconut oil into the floor to really make the original warps stand out! 

XOXO Taylor


Free Gratitude Desktops

It has been surprising cold in Dallas this winter.  We live close to downtown, in the city, and I tend to get upset when we pass the homeless on our walks around town, its just so cold!  It really has made me more grateful than ever for my home, job, and, most importantly, family.  To remind myself to be grateful everyday, I created some simple desktops for my computer and iPhone.  I hope you'll put one of these up on your electronic device to remind you of how much you have, even when you think you don't!  Download and share these for Free!


Mom Reviews the Best Dressed at the Golden Globes

I'm so excited to have be having my wonderful Mom guest posting today!  Growing up I loved watching the red carpet pre-shows with her and today she'll be sharing her top dressed celebrities from the Golden Globes!  Take it away Mom...

And we're off to what Hollywood calls the start of Award season.  From the Peoples Choice Awards to The Golden globes, The Sags and the Granddaddy of them all The Oscars and that's only naming a few... the early winter months are all about the movies.  This is the time the actors and actresses get to shine in their craft for a job well done.  Its sort of like when you are chosen as Employee of the Month, the only difference is your picture is posted in the break room and theirs is posted world wide on TV and the Internet.  But we really tune in to hear "And the Golden Globe for Best Actress goes to"... NOPE!  We all know its all about "What are you wearing?"  Coined by Joan Rivers who started it all!

Melissa Rivers was working at the E! Channel and they were looking for someone to interview the celebrities before the show and Melissa said "How about my Mom?" and The Red Carpet was born. I might have sounded a little glib but I actually love LOVE watching the pre-show red carpets.  The E! Channel starts hours before the big event and when that first limo opens its doors, its like Christmas day.  So being able to share my top ten list is certainly a joy!  So lets get to it.... The top 10 best dressed of the 2015 Golden Globes are....

#10 Lena Dunham  in Zac Posen: Always on the worst dressed I had to include her for most improved. Maybe she's gotten a new stylist?  I thought she looked beautiful.  
#9 Helen Mirren in Dolce and Gabbana: Its not fair to look that good at her age, she always stuns and this time was no different.   
#8 Amal Clooney in Dior: Anyone who can add opera white gloves and get away with it AND make it look like everyone SHOULD have them on, has to be on my list.  
#7  Felicity Jones in Dior: From "The Theory of Everything", she is up and coming star, watch out for her!  Her gown was stunning and she totally pulled it off. 
#6 Lorde in Narciso Rodriquez:  She has the edge and style to pull off a pantsuit and she looked so gorgeous... she almost made the top five.   
#5 Emma Stone in Lanvin:  Again a pant forward!  She is so beautiful, she is what every prom girl can only hope to look like.
#4  Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad: What can I say about her, she just gets better every year.  She was so put together with her young co-star on her arm!  Way to go Jen! 
#3 Katherine Heigel in Navy Zac Posen: This fit her like a glove!  Its the best I have ever seen her and she beat out Jen, so she should be proud!
#2 Kate Hudson in Versace: This was so hard as she so easily could have been number one but number two it is. I screamed OMG when I saw her!  She looks more than just beautiful and that dress could only be worn by her!

#1 has to be... Reese Witherspoon in her sleek Calvin Klein!  That just blew me away for its fit and simple "gorgeousness"  Her hair was just perfect! I am sure we will see her at the Oscars!

I did feel I should include one worst dressed... which I hate to do, but the award has to go to Keira Knightley.  I do know she is pregnant, but HER DRESS, although couture, was just just not right for her and actually not right for anyone!  I can't believe she even wanted to wear it. 

Well that wraps up the Golden Globes!  See ya at the Oscars! 

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